Pride and Prejudice

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A stage play adaptation by K. Rooney

“The die is cast”…and so is the play.

CHARACTER                              ACTOR’S NAME


·     Mr Bennet                                            John Moore

·     Mrs Bennett                                         Erin Mannix

·     Elizabeth Bennet                                  Georgia Campbell

·     Jane Bennet                                         Saari Frochot-Chauhan

·     Mary Bennet                                        Natalie Hercus

·     Kitty Bennet                                         Tahlia Cook

·     Lydia Bennet                                        Sarah Osborne 

·     Sir William, a neighbour                    James Wight

·     Mrs Gardiner, an aunt                          Emily Calder

·     Mr Gardiner, an uncle                          Craig Sheppard

·      Mr Collins, a cousin                             Daniel Soncin


·     Mr Wickham                                         Bevan Madden

·     Mr Denny                                             Jacob Baird

·     Charlotte Lucas                                    Amelia Mason


·     Mr Darcy                                            Zach Fitzpatrick

·     Miss Fitzpatrick, Darcy’s sister             Kezia Collishaw

·     Lady Catherine De Bough                    Sharon Newth

·     Miss De Bough, her daughter              Kezia Collishaw

·     Colonel Fitzwilliam, Darcy’s friend        Liam Hyde


·     Mr Charles Bingley                              Jake Russell

·     Miss Caroline Bingley, his sister           Isobel Kingdon


·     Housekeeper/Maid                              Barb Billings

·     Maid //Dancer                                     Donna Spillman

·     Butler. /Dancer                                     Nick Maher

·     Maid/Dancer                                       Glenys Tatti


  • Liam Hyde. Kezia Collishaw. Sam Appleton. Geoff Collishaw


From Geoff Collishaw, Synchronicity Co-Founder and local wit: “Elizabeth Bennet falls for Mr Darcy and he falls for her. But it’s a Jane Austen novel, so it’s going to take a long time before they get together.”

It is a truth universally acknowledged…. that Austen writes the best romantic dramas. Take a step back into the regency era with us as we explore the Austen masterpiece, Pride and Prejudice. With dancing, regimental uniforms and of course all of those great Austen one liners, this will be one of our largest cast plays yet. Very exciting!

Directed by local director, Wendy Collishaw who recently finished the sold out season of Agatha Christie’s classic whodunit Mousetrap.

Cast needed: Approx. 5M 10F and a chorus of adults and children (some doubling of roles may occur depending on numbers)See character descriptions below.


All scheduled events @ The JB Osborne Theatre Olympic Parade, Kangaroo Flat

Information Session: April 26th @7pm. An over-view of the season, cast description, expectations, scheduling and more!

Auditions: Saturday April 27th & Sunday April 28th by appointment

Casting Announcement: May 8th (via email and then website).

(Performances of Vicar of Dibley May 10-19)

P&P play read through and recording: Thursday May 23rd

Rehearsals begin Monday 27th May. with a blocking description, continuing Thursdays & Mondays @7pm according to a schedule

Preview Performance: (TBA)

Performances: 15th-18th , 23rd - 24th August (5 evening / 2 matinee)

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