Read the experiences of people who have joined Synchronicity for the first time in 2019.

People tell us that they have often wanted to join a theatre group for a long time, but were held back by the fear that they might not be good enough, pretty enough or experienced enough. Our hope is that, as you read these accounts of new actors of all ages, it will inspire you to come and join our next company!

Wendy Collishaw
Co-Director, Synchroncity Performing Arts

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Cairo - Dancer - Cameo roles

“This experience has opened my eyes up to many possibilities I would never have contemplated previously. As someone who came into the cast as a dancer being given the opportunity to try out my acting skills with extra bit roles was unexpected but incredibly rewarding.

Although I was nervous, the support and atmosphere from everyone involved with the production meant I felt comfortable to tackle something I had very little experience in, apart from a few high school productions.

Through my time working with Synchronicity I have gained confidence in myself, acquired new skills and knowledge, along with developing a great sense of mateship, which makes this experience an invaluable one to me.

I greatly appreciate working alongside each and every one of you.”


Jake - Lead Actor - First time on stage

“Performing with Synchronicity was my first ever acting experience and I can honestly say I loved every minute of it. I got into this almost by accident, but it was such a great decision to continue through with Pride and Prejudice.

The whole Synchronicity crew welcomed me so warmly and made the whole experience so easy. Even coming into a lead role was made easy and everyone collectively helped me to enjoyed myself without too much freaking out.

The cast of this show was also amazing to work with and couldn't have made a newbie feel more comfortable. They all helped me by giving me acting tips and tricks. Yes it was challenging but honestly it was well worth it and so much fun”

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James - cameo - First time onstage

“I had seen one of Synchronicity's plays in the past, and when I saw they were looking for cast members I joined on a whim. I had no previous experience in theatre and little experience with acting. At first it seemed unlikely that I would get a speaking role, until I filled in for a yet-to-be-cast character during a script reading. It was thought I read well and they kindly decided to give me a chance in a speaking role.

In early rehearsals I was conscious of being a newbie and worried I would forget my lines onstage. Also my character involved some particular challenges such as being older. But I kept practicing, and the production team and other actors were very helpful in showing me the ropes. In the end I was pretty happy with the way I played my character, and I think the whole production came together well.”

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Donna - Cameo and Costuming

“Thank you Synchronicity for giving me the opportunity to be involved in your production of Pride and Prejudice!
Being a theatre lover all my life I have always harboured a secret ambition to “tread the boards” but with my lack of experience I have never felt confident enough to approach or audition for any Companies.
When I discovered that Syncronicity’s philosophy is to support people in my very situation I decided to “give it a go!”
The Company welcomed me, supported and encouraged me.
I have made many new friends with similar interests. I enjoyed every part of the experience including learning about what goes on behind the scenes.
I am now experiencing Pride and Prejudice withdrawal symptoms and can’t wait to be involved in the next Synchronicity production- either acting or being part of the backstage team.
I would encourage anyone who has a yearning to explore theatre to contact Synchronicity and to become part of this awesome, creative Community!”


Liam- Acting - First time onstage

Liam is 18 years old. He recently returned to Bendigo and was looking for an avenue to use his skills and reconnect with people in the town. After seeing Synchronicity’s The Vicar of Dibley, he decided to audition for the next production Pride and Prejudice. He had never acted before but took on the cameo role of Colonel Fitzwilliam with confidence, performing the part of someone many years older. In the process he met a great group of young people, leant many new confidence-building skills, and says himself, that he has caught the theatre bug.

by Wendy Collishaw, Director


Tahlia - Kitty Bennet - First time onstage

Tahlia is 14years old and a student at Crusoe College. Tahlia has joined Synchronicity and exuded the confidence of someone many years older. To quote one of her onstage sisters, “We thought we would be supporting her, instead she was always on the ball, and could tell us what was happening and when we were onstage next!” Tahlia learnt many of the complicated Regency dances and demonstrated a lot of onstage sass!

by Wendy Collishaw, Director


Nick - 14 - First time onstage

Nick is a student at Crusoe College and is 14 years old. Nick joined the cast a soldier, dancer and young man, all non-speaking roles. He learnt complicated dances and portrayed each role with confidence and calm maturity.

by Wendy Collishaw, Director