Synchronicity was to present Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution at the Bendigo Pottery Function Centre over the first two weekends of July 2016.

Due to cast illness we had to cancel the play three days out from opening night.

About Agatha

Agatha Christie is the third biggest selling author of all time (After God and Shakespeare). She wrote sixty six novels, fourteen short story collections and twenty seven plays.

Witness for the Prosecution is her theatrical masterpiece. Mousetrap may have been playing in London for 60 years, but the twists at the end of Witness leave Mousetrap for dead (and a cast member or two).


Shane O’Loughlin. Lisa Natoli. Daniel Marks. Stephanie Mann. Samuel Collishaw.

Robin Tchernomoroff. Michell Di Camillio. Phil Boug. Diane Addington.

Craig Sheppard. Penny Richmond. Allan Keely


Young Leonard Vole befriended an elderly lady six weeks ago. Now she’s been murdered and Leonard is the prime suspect. He arrives at the Solicitors office seeking help. He is naive, out-of-his-depth, and in a lot of trouble. In Act Two,at the Old Bailey, you won’t believe who accuses Leonard of the murder - thereby becoming a Witness for the Prosecution. Act Three introduces new evidence and just when you think it's all wrapped up nicely, Christie throws in three more plot twists you never see coming.

The Bendigo Pottery Function Centre

We are presenting Witness at The Bendigo Pottery over a two course meal (Act One, then mains, then Act Two … you get the idea). Alcohol will be available to purchase between acts.

For those of you who were blown away by our production of “Earnest” at the same venue last year:

  • The food is by the same Masterchef - Bruce MacKenzie of Goldfields Catering

  • The play will be presented with audience on three sides of the stage - everyone gets a great view

  • Instead of sitting at tables, you’ll stand and mingle to eat

Performance Dates

  • Friday 1st July at 7pm

  • Saturday 2nd July at 7pm

  • Thursday 7th July at 7pm (Thrifty Thursday)

  • Friday 8th July at 7pm