Written by Jonathan Biggins

by arrangement with David Spicer Productions (www.davidspicer.com.au)

“Written by noted satirist Jonathan Biggins, it's a charming comedy set in the fictional northern NSW town of Coriole, where preparations are underway for the annual Australia Day community celebration. Six members of the organising committee hash out the finer details of event while butting heads over politics, patriotism and progress.” From the theatrical review of the Queensland Theatre Company’s production 2014. Written by Natalie Bochenski of the Sydney Morning Herald

"There's something to offend just about everyone in Jonathan Biggins' deliciously light and perfectly pitched jokiest." The Australian

"Australia Day" is a two-Act comedy, set in a fictitious Aussie country town

Is it the date or the ceremony? The sausage sizzle, the community events, or just a great excuse for a holiday? For the Coriole Shire Australia Day Organising Committee it's all these and more. Mayor Brian Harrigan sees a chance to prove himself ready for Liberal Party preselection. Local trade Wally, doesn't give a damn; he just wants everything to stay the same. But even he can't stop Helen, the ambitious Greens rep, or Chester the new Filipino teacher from questioning Coriole's long held traditions. As local grandmother Marie tries to suggest a few placating satay sausages, well laid plans melt away like a pav left out in the midday sun.

 Note: The play contains strong language and is not recommended for children.


The Engine Room, View Street, Bendigo

Fri. 1st, Sat. 2nd(matinee and evening), Fri. 8th, Sat. 9th June