Synchronicity noun [sing-kruh-nis-i-tee] – two or more seemingly unrelated events occurring together in a meaningful way


Synchronicity is a boutique theatre company based in Bendigo, founded by Geoff and Wendy Collishaw. We specialise in smaller cast comedy dramas, and aim to promote Australian playwrights..

Synchronicity provides good quality productions at a reasonable price that allow for greater community access to the experience of theatre.

Synchronicity runs on the principles of excellence, inclusion, family-friendliness and respect.

Synchronicity performs one – three stage productions a year. Participation in all facets of the productions are open to the general public.

Synchronicity is committed to providing a safe and welcoming environment with a focus on family and faith.

Synchronicity is run on Christian values but is not an extension of, or funded by, any particular church.